Our Story

“Do less than your competitors to beat them. Solve the simple problems and leave the hairy, difficult, nasty problems to the competition. Instead of one-upping, try one-downing.Instead of outdoing, try underdoing.”

The above quote, taken from REWORK by David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried, took us to a whole new perspective of looking at things.

All we want to do is- build swagger looking bicycles and create a cult following for BikeArk.

As our tagline goes- …make them STOP and STARE!, aesthetics and customization are primary aspects of our build and design.

It all started out as a final year project back in college (BTW, we are graduates of IIT-Madras) on Bicycle Ergonomics and all our five years in campus involved bicycles, which was our primary mode of transport within the campus.

We were exhausted to see the boring, old-school looking bicycles in the campus and wanted to create our brand which will ooze in freshness to the mundane designs in the Indian bicycle market and- BikeArk was born. We got a few pre-orders in the campus with our prototypes and hence, decided we must get outside the campus to explore more. We went online on all the e-commerce platforms and we had orders pouring in from all across India.

We started building our product portfolio catering to all categories of customers- Kids, Women and Bicycle Enthusiasts. Looking at the response and feedback from our customers, we will be a force to reckon with in the near future creating a dent in the Indian bicycle market.

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